To deliver innovative technology for greener solutions.  Empowering people to optimize energy efficiency and comfort while reducing operating costs.  Always being cognizant of our carbon footprint, and fully committing to environmental sustainability.


Prairie HVAC/R is committed to cost-effective environmentally sustainable solutions, always providing what you need versus what we want.


Prairie HVAC/R believes in collaborative mutually beneficial business relationships.  Making sure we always understand our customer, and tailor solutions that are in their best interest.  We are committed to long term relationships and conducting ourselves as such.  A job is never complete until our customer is satisfied.  Our core values demonstrate who we truly are.  Honesty with providing solutions in your best interest.  Transparency as to cost and scope of work being completed.  Integrity in how we conduct ourselves.  Quality of services and equipment we provide.  Accountability for what we do with every single customer.