Energize The Future With Solar Power


Prairie HVAC/R offers the very best in Solar products & installation.  With in-house electrical engineering our team can design, build and install the custom Solar solution for you.  Our Electrical Division is CSA Certified and capable to complete any Solar project from inception to completion.  Always in touch with available incentives, our team ensures customers get the best value for their dollar.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies. Technologies include solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar architecture, molten salt power plants, and artificial photosynthesis.

It is an important source of renewable energy, and it’s technologies are broadly characterized as passive or active. Passive or active designations are determined by how they capture and distribute solar energy, or convert it into solar power. Active solar techniques include the use of photovoltaic systems, concentrated solar power, and solar water heating to harness the energy. Passive solar techniques include orienting a building to the sun, selecting materials with favorable thermal mass or light dispersing properties, and designing spaces that naturally circulate air.


Prairie HVAC/R Is CSA Approved

Construction Electrician Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Certified

DESIGN - Not every Solar design is the same, and Prairie HVAC/R will do a complete site assessment to determine your needs.  We take into account your current power usage, so a maximum rebate and return on investment can be achieved with the right system for you.

SUPPLY - We use only Tier 1 top quality equipment.  All equipment is backed by a 10-25 year manufacturer warranty.

INSTALLATION - Rest assured that your installation will be completed by certified trade persons.  With all projects being overseen by a CSA (NOC 7241) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems certified Journeyperson electrician.

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