University of Manitoba’s Max Bell Centre Ice Plant

In 2022 Prairie HVAC/R upgraded the University of Manitoba’s Max Bell Centre ice plant with a new design/build/install refrigeration system.  Comprised of 3 ammonia compressor packages, an evaporative condenser, and our RINK LINK® controls system all tying in to their existing chiller.  Our RINK LINK® controls system facilitates maximum system efficiency and allows the end user, and Prairie HVAC/R, to remotely monitor performance.  In addition, being able to view and adjust set points from anywhere with a WIFI signal.  With remote troubleshooting as an option, RINK LINK® pays for itself by mitigating service call travel time.  And with proactive email alerts for any system issues, the University of Manitoba can rest easy in that they will know well in advance any risk to losing their ice surface.  Let us know how we can assist with an upgrade or full replacement of your ice plant!

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