Local Supporting Local

Prairie HVAC/R truly believes in local supporting local.  We perform ice plant services in over 40 rural Manitoba communities.  Understanding that funding is often hard to come by, we approach every project from a cost-effective environmentally sustainable perspective.  Always carefully examining the mechanical equipment and providing insights on the best way to spend, and not discarding any assets that still have mileage left.  Succession planning is a big part of what we do as well.  Helping rural communities budget spends for future years.

We support local causes, local teams and local facilities.  Volunteering with Siloam Mission is a great way our team gives back to the Manitoba community.  We have been the Gold sponsor for Team Einarson who have won 3 back to back national championships.  They are an elite team of ladies based out of Gimli who aspired to participate in the 2022 winter Olympics, and we were proud to support that dream.  The Cargill Training Centre in Morris MB is facility where we provide ice plant mechanical services as well as supporting their local programs.  Sponsoring the Dekalb and other in-house programming.

Needing more space for manufacturing and storage, we recently relocated our head office to facilitate organizational growth.  Our new state of the art office and shop facility has been built in the Grande Pointe Industrial Park.  We made a conscious decision to embrace and support a rural community.  Rural communities in Manitoba play a very large role in supporting us, so giving back wherever and whenever we can is an important facet of our business culture.