The Prairie HVAC/R Team consists of Journeyman refrigeration and air conditioning service technicians, as well as Journeyman construction electricians. Our factory trained employees participate in continuing education, ensuring they are up to date on all information. We are COR Certified, and believe workplace safety is of paramount importance. We offer cost effective solutions, combined with best in class Journeymen and superior customer service. We build strong relationships with our clients by being trustworthy, prompt, and providing what they need as opposed to what we want. Being truly collaborative with our clients, and always striving for mutually beneficial engagement.

Prairie HVAC/R has developed a Quality Assurance Program and Quality Control Manual, and is registered with the Manitoba Department of Labour. Our Quality Program Certificate of Authorization Number was issued by the Manitoba Department of Labour. Our scope of services include commercial and industrial HVAC and Refrigeration applications. We specialize in both Freon (Halogens) and Ammonia systems, as well as centrifugal air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


Operation Highlights

Our service focus is commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration applications.

  • We specialize in both Freon (Halogens) and ammonia systems.
  • All types of centrifugal air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  • Rooftop air handling units.
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers.
  • Air make-up units
  • Hot water and steam boilers
  • Pneumatic and air compressor systems
  • Building controls and building automation
  • Related mechanical equipment: heat exchangers, pumps, flow control.

Prairie HVAC/R employs top service specialists who have been provided the most current information and training available to supply our valued customers with the most thorough service possible.

We provide a broad range of services that include:

  • 24 Hour emergency service.
  • Safety inspections and reports.
  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Refrigeration services.
  • Start up and shut down service.
  • Detailed evaluations and recommended equipment selection.

Our wide variety of services ensure that companies in the recreational, industrial, oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and cold storage industries have a full range of HVAC options to satisfy their needs and requirements. Our commitment to our clients is to build a long lasting professional relationship with service they can count on.

  • Energy use optimization strategies save operating costs.
  • Properly maintained equipment reduces operating malfunctions and service calls.
  • Projects completed in a proficient and professional manner minimize disruptions.
  • Superior and honest customer service keeps our clients happy.

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