Data Center

Prairie HVAC/R is the integrator for Opengate Data Systems.  Our intelligent containment systems allow full data integration and automation, significantly reducing complexity, equipment capital, and operating costs.

Intelligent systems increase performance of the CRAC/AHU, improve chiller plant performance, and maximize free cooling hours.

Intelligent containment technology reduces total cost of ownership by addressing three areas that impact data center profitability:

  • Energy consumption

  • Real estate utilization

  • Operational overhead


Operation Highlights

Prairie HVAC/R’s team helps you get the most out of your existing and new facilities through an integrated approach.  Enabling clients to invest in the right solution for maximum benefits.  Our team is comprised of LEED AP licensed mechanical engineers, engineering technologists, project managers, and service technicians.  All with award winning experience in the design and integration of advanced technological systems.

Prairie HVAC/R‘s InTE data center dashboard enables your IT managers and operators ability to control and define optimization of the data center.  An easy to use web based integration tool enables the user to see live facility metrics.  Metrics such as rack based power, supply and return temperatures, cooling demand, cooling power consumption, air flow management, UPS power, PUE,  along with other diagnostics.

Each client has specific requirements, and with our integrated system we clearly define the benefits of each solution we propose. This ensures the system deployed meets their specifications, and delivers on optimum efficiency. Prairie HVAC/R deploys systems throughout Canada and abroad.

Prairie HVAC/R believes that every IT environment should be driven by efficiency and strive to reduce its environmental footprint.  It is our commitment to integrate solutions that reduce energy, increase efficiency, limit the burden on the environment, and provide maximum availability.

Take an Intelligent Path™ and gain freedom to effectively and efficiently deploy high density racks anywhere!

Confidently deploy more IT with existing cooling infrastructure!

Containment Cooling®

Automated Rack & Row Heat Containment

Maximize efficiency and IT flexibility while providing a perfectly controlled IT environment

Unity Cooling®

Automated Cooling Control & Management

Automate the entire cooling circuit with intelligent aggregation and organization of IT load and environment data

IT-Row™ Cooling

Automated Row Heat Containment

Quickly & effectively group the IT-Row for maximum operational flexibility & ultra-efficient high-density computing

SiteX EP™ Enterprise Rack Power

Intelligent Rack Power Distribution

Effective rack power distribution with true RMS remote metering for up to 34 KW per individual rack power bar


Network Switch Cooling

Effective switch cool air delivery for rear rack mounted 1U switches

SiteX EM™ Environment Monitoring

Intelligent Environment Monitoring

Effective environment monitoring with visibility to critical temperature, water, smoke and video information

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