Data Centre Cooling


Efficient solutions for Data Centre cooling have become a necessity for organizations that house large server rooms.  Prairie HVAC/R is the integrator for Opengate intelligent containment data systems.  We were one of the first service providers in this channel to integrate system cooling units with variable air flow systems.  Providing the benefit of free cooling that is robust and problem free.  The systems we design and install allow full data integration and automation.  Simplifying complexity and significantly reducing equipment capital and operating costs.  Prairie HVAC/R’s team helps you get the most out of your existing or new facility through this integrated approach.  Enabling customers to invest in the right solution for maximum benefits.


Intelligent containment systems increase performance of the CRAC/AHU, improve chiller plant performance and maximize free cooling hours.  Intelligent containment technology reduces total cost of ownership by addressing three areas that impact data centre profitability:

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Provide Maximum Availability
  • Limit Environmental Footprint

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