Arenas & Curling Clubs

Prairie HVAC/R has designed our ENVIRO FREEZE® ice plant packaged chiller system to take conventional benefits and marry them to a heat recovery component.

Specific metrics we address are optimum efficiency, reduced operating costs, consistent ice surface, quick sheet set up (pull down), flexibility and safety.  We do this by blending proven technology with innovation, creating a hybrid system that delivers on all metrics.

Using our RINK LINK® controls system, we provide remote access to a variety of system functions and set points.  Allowing us and our clients to monitor and control ice conditions from anywhere with a WIFI signal. We have partnered with EYE ON THE ICE™ and is an option to integrate into our system and monitor ice surface temperatures. Much like the home and away feature on your house thermostat, RINK LINK® reduces operating costs and utility bills.  Remote controls access facilitates off site troubleshooting and mitigates service call travel time.  RINK LINK® sends out email alarms if something fails with your mechanical system, ensuring you are notified long before your ice ever melts.

For arena and curling club floors Prairie HVAC/R has perfected the buried header, using only fusion welded joints with no clamps.  This makes for a long-lasting reliable floor system, that naturally balances the flow through each circuit using a reverse return system.  As such this eliminates the need for a high maintenance header trench.  We will engineer, supply and install a full floor system including concrete, piping and boards for a turnkey system.

Prairie HVAC/R is a trailblazer on front lines of refrigerant conversions.  In 2019 we are proud to have designed, built and installed Manitoba’s first HFO ice plant system at the Notre Dame Arena in Winnipeg.  We have extensive expertise with all types of mechanical systems including Ammonia, Freon, CO2 and Geothermal.

ND Arena Chiller

Operation Highlights

Efficiency & Reduced Operating Costs – Our ENVIRO FREEZE® system utilizes waste heat in the ice making process to maintain and control temperatures throughout other areas of the facility. Reducing draw on traditional utilities, and minimizing the need for supplemental heating systems.

Consistent Ice Surface – Our system provides consistent pristine ice conditions, even during extended tournament schedules regardless of demand. We can provide a solution that delivers quality ice 12 months a year.

Flexibility - The flexibility of our system incorporates expansion from the main ice plant out to individual zones in the facility. Our packaged RINK LINK® remote controls system operates the entire facility and is monitored real time over the internet by us and or our clients. Saving costs on service calls, as functions and set points can be remotely adjusted. This is also a crucial component for ice makers, as it enables them to manipulate ice surface temperature if not in the facility. For high visibility curling events having this flexibility this is a must.

Safety – Having our RINK LINK® remote controls system installed at your facility also provides safety peace of mind. Your operator would be able to see if there is an ammonia alarm present before they even enter the building.

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