Ice Arenas & Curling Clubs

Prairie HVAC/R has designed a mechanical ice plant system that combines the benefits of a conventional system and married it with a heat recovery component. Along with the mechanical aspect of the system we integrate the entire building HVAC and our controls system into the facility design which optimizes efficiency.

Our system design is based on concerns from facility owners and the ongoing requirement to provide a highly efficient, low maintenance facility that complies with the aspects of LEED.

Specific items we address are; Optimum Efficiency, Reduced Operating Costs, Consistent Ice Surface, Quick Sheet Set Up (Pull Down), Flexibility, and Safety. To achieve these parameters we have blended proven technology with new technology/innovation to produce a “Hybrid” system that meets and exceeds these requirements. Rink Floor- Prairie HVAC/R has perfected the buried header using only fusion welded joints with no clamps. This makes for a long lasting reliable floor system that naturally balances the flow through each circuit using a reverse return system. This in turn eliminates the high maintenance header trench. Prairie HVAC/R will engineer supply and install a full floor system which includes the concrete work, the piping system and the boards for a turnkey system.

Operation High Lights

Efficiency/Reduced Operation Costs – Our system utilizes the waste heat produced in the ice making process to maintain and control space temperatures throughout other areas of the
facility (recreation center, lounge, child minding, offices) thereby reducing/eliminating the requirement for additional heating systems.

Consistent Ice Surface – Our system enables municipalities to provide consistent ice even during extended tournament periods irrespective of demand.

Quick Pull Down – Using a conventional floor system that utilizes industrial/commercial components we are able to pull down the floor in less than 24 hrs to begin the ice making

Flexibility – Our system layout has the flexibility to incorporate expansion from the main plant out to individual zones in the facility. Our packaged controls system operates the entire facility and is monitored real-time over the internet by the municipality and/or our office. This has demonstrated to be an invaluable asset to owners as the diagnosis of a problem can be achieved from remotely saving the owner a service technician visit. For ice makers we have given them full control of the ice plant which enables them to manipulate the surface temperature as they require. This is very important for highly publicized tournaments such as Scott Tournament of Hearts.

Safety – With this system the  customer is able to see if there is an ammonia alarm present before he goes into the building.

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