About Us

At Prairie HVAC/R we pride ourselves on having the most well trained Journeymen in the industry.


To deliver innovative technology for greener solutions.  Empowering people to optimize energy efficiency and comfort while reducing operating costs.  Always being cognizant of our carbon footprint, and fully committing to environmental sustainability.


Prairie HVAC/R is committed to cost effective environmentally sustainable solutions.  Always providing what you need not what we want.


Prairie HVAC/R believes in collaborative mutually beneficial business relationships.  Making sure we always understand our customer, and tailor solutions that are in their best interest.  We are committed to long term relationships and conducting ourselves as such.  A job is never complete until our customer is satisfied.  Our core values demonstrate who we truly are.  Honesty with providing solutions in your best interest.  Transparency as to cost and scope of work being completed.  Integrity in how we conduct ourselves.  Quality of services and equipment we provide.  Accountability for what we do with every single customer.

Our Skills & Expertise

The Prairie HVAC/R Team consists of Journeyman refrigeration and air conditioning service technicians, as well as Journeyman construction electricians.  Our factory trained employees regularly attend seminars, ensuring they are up to date on all education.  We are COR Certified, and believe workplace safety is of paramount importance.  We offer cost effective solutions, combined with best in class Journeymen and superior customer service.  We build strong relationships with our clients by being trustworthy, prompt, and providing what they need as opposed to what we want.  Being truly collaborative with our clients, and always striving for mutually beneficial partnerships.  Our wide scope of services allows us to satisfy the needs of those in the recreational, industrial, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, and cold storage arenas.  Our commitment to our clients has lead to long lasting professional relationships, as they’ve come to know that Prairie HVAC/R is a name that can be counted on.

Prairie HVAC/R has developed a Quality Assurance Program and Quality Control Manual, and is registered with the Manitoba Department of Labour.  Our Quality Program Certificate of Authorization Number was issued by the Manitoba Department of Labour.  Our scope of services include commercial and industrial HVAC and Refrigeration applications.  We specialize in both Freon (Halogens) and Ammonia systems, as well as centrifugal air conditioning and refrigeration systems.